I got a phone call from a lady today asking if I was interested in joining the local MOPS group. I wanted to scream “HECCCCCCK YES, I DO!!!!!!”. Truth is, I am insanely desperate for adult conversation. I feel like a a begging puppy every time my husband walks through the door because I would die for someone over the age of 4 to talk to. I will admit, I occasionally try to have a gossip session with Avery, but she really can’t keep all of the Kardashian sisters straight to keep the conversation rolling. So, I think I will take Avery’s 4 year old advice and get out of the house to make some new pals.
Stepping outside of my comfort zones is what, ultimately, holds me back from having a circle of friends at this time. We have lived in the DC area for a little over a year now and all of my friends are in and around Kansas (they wouldn’t fit in our UHaul truck…I tried). I have made a few good friends in the area (a few = two). But, I am wanting to experience that comradery that the girls on Wisteria Lane have. I want to show up at Gabby’s house with a cup of coffee or crack open a beer at Lynette’s and tell them about my day, my struggles, and such.
I was the girl in high school that was a member of every possible club and showed up at every social event. But, now I am….dare I say…shy. I have caught myself thinking, “what if they don’t like me?” or “will I say something that doesn’t make sense?”. How cliche is that?! I have to believe that I am not the only one feeling intimidated. They are just people and what can they do? Encircle me, point, and laugh? Uh, hopefully not.
I often find myself marveling at Avery and her 4 year old social skills. It’s amazing how close a group of preschool girls can become. Within 5 minutes of meeting one another that I have told each other all of their secrets and found enough trust to let the other do their ::gasp:: makeup.
I look at 4 year old Avery and I see a confident wide eyed girl. Why is she confident? She has all of the moral support to be all she was created to be. Why is she wide eyed? Because she is opened to the endless opportunities her little life offers her. She has no reason to believe that she cannot bake a cake all by herself, do Daddy’s homework by herself, or anything else her heart would desire. Avery gives me drive to go back and reexamine my child like confidence and reclaim it. And it’s a wonderful thing.
And, Gage, he has taught me…”so what if we are at Fogo de Chao….I am going to make some darn big spit bubbles if I want to!”.


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