It’s the Beginning

So, I have been toying around with the idea of blogging for a long time now. But, to be honest, I am not much of a writer, but I am a thinker and an over-analyzer. So, I am hoping that blogging will help to get all of this nonsense out of my head.
I don’t want to only blog about the chaos that goes on in my brain. I want to learn to drift away from the worrying and competition that mothers today face. I want to get back down to earth and think and feel as my children do. I want to write from my heart and record family memories so that my children may always have the memories of childhood.



From Mother to Daughter: Shared Wisdom from the Heart: “Start now to be the kind of mother you always wanted to be. Don’t wait until she’s eighteen…Keep in mind that all she wants to be doing–for the greatest part of her young life–is what you’re doing.”.


Some things that are close to my heart:

-Obviously, health!
-Creating and remembering memories.
-The magical feeling of being loved by your true friends and family.
-Purses, pretty much any purse, make me smile.
-The good times, after the bad times.
-When my husband admits he is wrong.
-Family hugs!!


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